understand for Tu already several years

“Who is packing absolute being to play tricks?”The corpse king flies off the handle and stares yard to angrily say, a facial expression that was very anxious to bomb yard.

“The king of the corpse?”Suddenly, the yard spreads public and familiar voice, immediately after, a misty figure, appear a king at the corpse front of two meters are or so, the clothes on the body are a bit dirty, the chest still had one to suffer from sword wound, blood stain has already condensed, have already allowed some mire dusts as well on the face, and as follows white powder.

See this touch kind, Tang just and slowly eyebrows not from wrinkle up, this time dragon tiger mountain of go, what has he ever exactly once experienced?

“Elder brother!”The figure that huge wide Jean sees huge to widely belong to then shouts loudly, “the daddy got hurt, you quickly think way solution corpse …”

Is just- appeared, is exactly that escapes back from Zhang Wei of huge widely belong to, thus farsighted road, if have no soil to escape, estimate huge widely belong to have no to come home so quickly;Before having not come home, the Ni autumn has already made a phone call to him, however don’t answer;However, just just came home, then discovered in home corpse the spirit hurtled a sky …

“What do you say?”Is huge to widely belong to facial expression to become difficult to see, go toward to see go in the living room, not only only Tang just and slowly gets hurt to fall on the ground, even huge German also …

“Is this what you do?”Yang Feng in Wang Shou being huge to widely belong Kids Cheap Prada Trainers to looking at corpse lightly asks a way, early expecting Yang Feng wills has this day and just have never thought, will have a result like this.

Again see huge to widely belong to, Yang Feng’s facial expression dims down and connected the pains that the bone breaks to all endure, “sorry teacher, if isn’t me, today’s affair can’t take place.”

“Come to 1 to walk into death again!”The corpse king also ignores 2 people to say what, tightly grasp Yang Feng’s dress Jin, mercilessly jilted to go out toward doorway.

Was huge to widely belong to between the eyebrows to vibrate for a while, launch ghost to copy seven stars to tread, dynasty Yang Feng made track for to go out;Speed it may be said on the first a long distance, Shan body then fly to go out of Yang Feng answer.

Yang Feng originally had already broken a hand bone, was jilted again to go out and estimated and then ended so and had never thought huge widely belonged to unexpectedly use astonishing speed, pick him up, let he that sorry and ashamed heart, more ashamed ……

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The seventh 55 deceit corpses is too much

Is huge to widely belong to hold tight Yang Feng, slowly connect to fall to the ground noodles, however Yang Feng painful get sufficient Qiang, because of the right hand …

“Teacher, I …” Yang Feng endures ache, the cold sweat sprinkles Li, just thinking heel huge widely belong to say what, but the words arrive a mouth side, what also say not to export.The writing head delivers

Remember these matter done for coming two monthses, Yang Feng can not cover up that sorry and ashamed heart;That has already become the parents of Jiang corpse, even if being not killed, staying will also disaster the human life, who not understand this truth?Yang Feng is the least understand, why have never thought at that time …
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However Yang Feng isn’t understand, don’t represent nearby of the person is surprisingly, huge widely belong to accept Yang Feng to understand for Tu already several years, Yang Feng’s temperament he still really.

“Solve an at present matter, our problems solve again after!”Being huge to widely belong to also have no is angry, back toward Yang Feng to lightly say;Although there is superficially no facial expression, but the heart seems to be concussion abnormality, finally resume Yang Feng in past?

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