didn’t refuse and ordered to nod is

Suddenly, it was huge to widely belong to ring out that good to listen bottle gourd silk in pocket, don’t know is who call words to seek him …

“Feed!”Was huge to widely belong to see under, is a stone to calm down Ping call words;Ever since that time got into grave last time, seemed and then didn’t take place what matter, occupy occurrence again now?

Nothing important matter in fact also occurrence, the stone is quiet Ping heart in also think so, just the mysterious matter didn’t take place, this terror of greatly live a person unexpectedly from come to ask for trouble.
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The Huo that dropped into ghost to shed tears tears pond last time flaps south, although was disfigured, but didn’t consequently depart from this life;But his disciple Long Zhen Nan, for seeking him unlucky but entered a hospital, however after entered hospital, have already done not see him appearing again;However the Huo flaps south not to put Long Zhen Nan in the eye, at least with the that way line of Long Zhen Nan, strangle to death ants to all compare to choke him to death easy.

Shed tears tears pond in the ghost, throw to lose blood soul sword, Long Hu Shan is seeking him to return to punishment at this time;However would rather say to discard than say punishment the Huo flap a southern way line, bum out Long Hu Shan;Because his Huo flaps south, Long Hu Shan is greatly exterminated whole family to rob.

Realize huge widely belong to not knead of persimmon, Long Hu Shan certainly can’t pursue with him again, the only chief criminal, fall at throw the Huo of losing the blood soul sword to flap south body up;However his good luck has been already disfigured on the face, Long Hu top of hill next, in addition to taking charge of Tu Mu, already the nobody recognizes he;Once escaped Long Hu Shan’s ear eyes, the Huo flapped a south displeased pole, don’t know which get a method machine of peak.
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The Great Dipper sword calls seven star swords as follows, seven star swords have been aring Long Hu Shan to initiate the method machine that person, Zhang Tian Shi, uses, this sword compares a blood soul sword the precious decuple isn’t only, also the top method machine that an only Zhang Tian Shi spreads.The sword body of seven star swords is the one and only, up inset a different precious stone of seven very precious colors, exactly touching of Great Dipper kind.

Long Hu Shan has never younger generation to dare to take out this seven star swords, one is afraid drive huge widely belong to the abnormal condition like this rend away, two is the high regard to Zhang Tian Shi, put at Long Hu Shan to make the treasure of mountain in the town.

But the Huo flap a southern hand in, exactly the teacher was once used this day of the method machine Great Dipper sword;There is Great Dipper sword in the hand, blood soul sword what then he not get, consequently just have already come back to seek huge widely belong to revenge …

Hang a telephone, huge the complexion widely belonging to is some darks, seven star swords are since the treasure of Long Hu Shan’s mountain in the town, this Huo flaps how did the south get?No matter he is how get, this person also the nothing important necessity stayed in the in this world!

“Elder brother, who make a phone call to you?You how didn’t a words say and then hang a telephone?”Huge wide Jean is very curious, come forward to ask a way, should can’t be service to is made a phone call to urge to teach a words fee?
Prada Shoes Outlet Was huge to widely belong to want to think, this affair could not drag along mire and take water, it is similar, come and take parents and coerce to make before not good Huo flap south still need to be like those person who are mean …”wide Jean, you seek Tang and just and slowly come over and stare at, I have a little the matter want to solve.”

Huge wide Jean’s eyebrows a wrinkly, this guy can’t again before being like how many so?The urgent juncture always disappears a person;However huge wide Jean didn’t refuse and ordered to nod is about to leave with Zhang Ze Tao .

“Captain piece, you accompany me to make a trip!”Do not think to be huge to widely belong to block, this makes huge wide Jean feel suspicious more, what does the matter still need to use Zhang Ze Tao ?

Zhang Ze Tao up and down conjectures huge widely belong to, “have nothing to do with murderer matter, I don’t think a busybodies.”

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