How many hours can a hammer crusher work at a time?

Early in the 50s of the 20th century, Allis-Chalmers Company began to research the crushing work extensively. It obtained a significant conclusion in the 60s. As the study goes ahead, people knew the high efficient crushing work intimately. Smashing (includes crusher machine and grinder) is an indispensable industrial link during the rapid development of economic society. crusher machine is the grinding machine that the particle size is greater than 3mm and the content takes up 50% of the discharging volume during the layout. In the processing procedure of various metals, nonmetals, chemical raw mineral materials and building materials, smashing work has to consume huge energy, and it is a low efficient work. In the course of material grinding, because of the sounding, vibrating and clashing effect in the work, the energy consumes massively. Therefore, the experts in this field always research how to finish the crusher machine and grinder with energy conservation and high efficiency for years, which is from the theoretical research to innovational crusher machine equipment and up to the changes of production crusher machine technology process.

High in order to prevent the grate of the aircraft hit collapse fragmentation, resulting in the grate of the drop caused by crusher machine equipment failures to many companies each year need to change at least twice crusher machine grate frame, the replacement of the maintenance costs, but also affect the lay-off stopproduction efficiency. Hammer crusher machine to break the gap between production and crusher machine rotor length and grate, broken hammer weight, physical characteristics of the material, assuming that each grate gap can discharge crushing qualified materials, set up a double grate screen, the grate of the screen is the highest point of the material accumulation, and severe cases, the mill shell will hit in a long time led by the hammer, the material with the hammer sports line sports wear kept increase wear, fine material discharged from the breakage, the formation of dust points, and a waste material and contaminated the environment. If at this location to improve nesting conditions, can reduce the resistance of the hammer crusher machine production.

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