Jaw crusher and impact crusher can make a crushing line

Mobile construction waste processing equipment—mobile crushing plant is based on the main processes of the sand and gravel processing, reasonable design, implement integrated combination of crushing and screening equipment, through in-car systems or tracked drive system, achieve the overall function of moving jobs, can select construction sites in a flexible, timely handling of materials, greatly reduce the transport costs of materials, improving production efficiency. Asian production of construction waste processing equipment in the country has started of construction waste to treasure, make very good improvements in the environment in major cities.

As a major mining crushing equipment manufacturers in China, we already serve many copper mining customers all over the world and can provide jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and grinding mills. Our jaw crushers are mainly used as primary crusher while impact crusher is widely used as a secondary crusher. In addition, cone crusher which is called stone of copper crusher also can be used as secondary crusher. As professional copper crushing machine manufacturer, we are always satisfying for your demands and questions. Blast furnace slag has become a kind of good energy-saving environmentally friendly building materials. It can be used as different building material according to its property: some slag is used in cement, brick, concrete aggregates, road construction, wall materials; some can also be used for the production of micro-crystal glass, slag wool, ceramics and the production of agricultural fertilizer.

Obviously, you don”t want fines if your process doesn’t call for them. But, even if you need to produce a fine powder, you don’t want it to come out of your crusher. These fines will add to your dust control problem and may require additional dust control equipment, which will cost more money and require additional engineering. Fines also have a way of gumming up or abrading equipment, which will add to maintenance costs. And, don’t forget that airborne dust means health issues.

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