Daily maintenance is important to a ball mill operator

The reasonable maintenance of ball mill is an important condition to keep a higher running rate and longer operating period of ball mill. With the fine maintenance plan and record, the ball mill operates smoothly. The carefulness of the maintenance plan is reflected on the economic benefit directly. To make each planned shut-down maintenance go on wheels, the equipment maintenance record should be made at ordinary times which record the operational circumstances and maintenance effect of every equipment in details to predict the service life of the components and make plan to change them.

After the Ball Mill operates for some time, there is some spray orifice on the spray bar which is blocked by the impurities in the oil, at this time, the oil pressure in the spray orifice rises which leads to the other orifices unplugged increase in flow chart. The oil near the oil slinger will splash out of the oil slinger which leads to the oil leakage. Solutions: dredge the blocked oil hole on the spray bar, and check the ball mill spray bar regularly and clean in time once the banked-up spearhead is found. Pay attention to that the clean the oil sprout hole by the soft texture tool to avoid the hardness material’s damage to the oil sprout hole.

Grinding load inspection. The ore grinding load contains the original feed quantity and the sand return quantity. To ensure the constant, stable of the ore grinding load of ball mill is the important factor to achieve fine ore grinding effect. a. Keep the ore feed quantity constant and stable and check the ore feed quantity regularly; b. Observe the change of ore feeding granularity at all times, adjust in time and try to keep the material in feed bin more than in discharge bin; c. Watch the situation of sand return and moisturizing, to keep balance among the original feed ore, sand return, and overflow; d. Notice the change of motor, electric current, and the ball mill sound so that you can judge the ball mill load situation by that and eliminate the “bulging” in initial phase.

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