injustice beauty wood?One is like an

“I don’t walk, don’t I just walk?”The girl has some adherence and made an effort to flounce Huang Ma’s hand, run to return to Yan clean Yan in front, orthoptic Yan clean Yan, shed tears Ying Ying.

“Yan, I say not to like, you take a woman back, from now on after, there were any further no a women in home to once appear.”

“Yan, I say not to like and see down the avenue, you pull other girls’ hands, and you break off friendship with all girl friends.”

“But why, after two years, there are other women in home and also be dressed in you to tailor for me?”Beauty wood cries about, how sad.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere became dignified but grieved to get up. Prada Shoes High Tops

He also has love, just this kind of loves, but just for the sake of front of the Barbie doll.

“Yan, whether you like her!Whether you fancied her you tell me, ?”The burnt bright Mou son careful Ning wears his eyes, beauty wood would not like to miss a clean Yan face of Yan up of one silk ten cents facial expression.

The Yan clean Yan didn’t connect words right away and just closed lightly tightly thin lips, the facial expression like this was what Yan heart has never seen, antinomy but complications.

He is Be involved in in the mire pond, the worry is layer after layer, even have some to frighten into inaction of helpless.
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Was dead silent to fully have a minute, he just in earnest the Di wear beauty wood to say:”Beauty, the Yan heart is your elder brother’s wife.”

The tears of beauty wood’s tears overflow, misty her view, on the baby face of pure United States still presented on putting on the determination air of hard dissimulation, “not, not yes.”

“You fool me, Yan, you want to make reprisals me to leave without a word in those early years, so you invited a women came back and intentionally was dressed in my clothes, stimulated me, fighting me is be not?”

“Yan, you are very cruel, you really must like cruelty.”The tears more falls more hasty, her voice also less and less clear.

See come out, the girl of in front, love Yan clean Yan very much.

Just he has what good?

The person grows handsome little bit, is right.What about temper, dare not sing praises.Is overbearing and ferocious, also with humiliate a woman for glory, the man like this was absolutely lousy to arrive extremity.Still is the woman the baby to him?

The woman whom the Ji Yan heart seriously doubts in front isn’ Mens Prada Shoes Outlet t pure excesssive.

Beauty wood wants to gather together a cake of with Yan clean Yan, has she still already felt an injustice beauty wood?One is like an angel, one is like devil

Huang Ma comes forward to advise Wei to rise beauty wood, “past didn’t you all not see open?Now how band together again?”

“Huang Ma, you know of I love him, I how probably not sad?”Beauty wood sobs.

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