The detail working principle of micro powder mill

High pressure grinding mill is a new type of highly efficient high pressure mill researched and manufactured by combining with advanced fine particle classification technology and it is widely used for grinding all kinds of grinding non-flammable and non-explosive materials and non-metallic materials whose Moh’s hardness is below 9.3 and humidity less than 6%. The grinding fineness can be controlled in the range of 500-2500Mesh, and the finest particles can reach 3500Mesh. This grinder mill opens a new age of high efficiency, energy conservancy and environmental protection of the industrial milling equipment.

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Working Principle

Inside the grinding room of the micro powder mill, the grinding roll assembly hangs on the cradle of the grinding roll through the corss arm. The cradle of the grinding roll, principal axis and the relieving tool post are fixed and connected and the pressure spring tightly presses on the outside end of the cantilever of the bearing room of the grinding roller through the tension bar. The cross arm bearing is the supporting point, and the grinding roll is tightly pressed to the surface of the inner circle of the grinding ring through the spring pressure. When electro motor rotates through the transmission device, the relieving tool on the relieving tool post and the grinding roll will synchronously rotate small jaw crusher, and the grinding roll also rotates around itself while rolling on the surface of the inner circle of the grinding ring, and the analytical engine drives the impeller to rotate through the transmission device, and the adjustment of the speed of the analytical engine will determine the fineness of the final powders.

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