Our Hammer Crusher Devotes a Lot in Mining Industry

At present the development of the country depends on not only the quantity, but also technology. Only the technology has been rising, we can save resources, and make full use of resources. At the same time we can also save energy and protect environment. The advancement of technology will bring the development of market; it will make better machinery industry with sustainable development.

Firstly you can look at the following files: “the plan which is boosting central region development”, the planning is mentioned that the central region should realize to improve the proportion of the economy in the 2015, we can strive to make GDP per capita become the national average level, urbanization rate increases 48% including roads, railways, power plant, and real estate.

Of course, with the increase of demand for construction, mineral resources are also constantly developed. So it is hard to avoid producing some environmental pollutions and plow land occupied, such as tailings slag. But we cannot be at the expense of the cost of the natural environment, so we need to deal with tailings recovery equipment and improve continuously systems engineering.

Depending on the rapid development of our country”s economic and the boost of infrastructure construction and investment, mining machinery industry has begun to increases scale in our country. The sales of the heavy hammer crusher, crushing equipment, vibrating screen and other accessories has begun to surge, they gained a bigger share in the market.

Henan Fote Machinery has improved technology for the existing product from saving energy and environmental protection and the economic benefit. We are researching and developing the materials with high wear resistance and high efficiency. We also have improved the performance parts and produced the broken equipment with high efficiency and saving energy, such as heavy hammer crusher, large jaw crusher. This plan has made our mining equipment industry take his first steady step on the path of the green economy.

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