How to Make the Cone Crusher Running More Smoothly?

Cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy, construction, utilities, transportation, chemical industry, building materials industry and it is suitable for crushing hard, medium-hard ores and rocks. Due to the cone crusher widely application, so its working efficiency attracted widespread attention. However, how to improve the efficiency of hydraulic cone crusher?

1. In the production of feed ore into the device should pay attention to the speed and the corresponding drop when broken relationship , select the appropriate ore drop height , both to ensure that the ore is not directly scour feeding device , but also make the fabric is fed evenly ore crusher. While packed to the mine, to pay attention to the material to be uniform, feeding device to control the height of the mine to the heap. The feed is too large, crusher load increased significantly after prolonged material crushing cavity cannot be discharged smoothly, easily broken bond in the area caused by overload; small feeding ore directly from the crushing chamber, causing tremendous waste.

2. Oil temperature to maintain equilibrium. As the spindle, eccentric, eccentric shaft, bearings and spindle rack, adjust the sliding bearing surface cooling lubricants, gear drive between the pistons and other parts of the crusher mainly relies mainly lubrication system to complete, so choosing the right heat sink cooling is very important.

3. Reduce slag into the liner and extend seal life. Each time you replace the liner, to check whether the moving cone dust seals intact. Normally, when worn dust seals the gap between the sliding rings is greater than 1.5mm, dust seals should be replaced to prevent slag into the liner and cause wear liners, and other key components of the spindle.

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