acquire the type of indemnification

This time bring back, on forcing to ask, they all recruited.

The rock says that because the cause recorded to hate, they just on accidentally losing, beauty wood sent cutthroat, put poison in a hand to them, if not because they ran quickly, they had no life to enter a police station to squat down now.

That wedding, her Gao Diao declares matrimony, try to commit suicide to find to live ground on the wedding be still backed by the cold hopeless situation to marry.Beauty wood was regarded as in the city to become famous for a night.
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Connect in the police station and pour tea aqueous aunts will say up two, “alas, I see a woman, still have to have an own occupation, thick-skinned ground Ba wear man, let more person’s joke.Be like that wood’s beauty”

That is on the network drive crary wedding banquet in the Hao door, that video frequency fascinatingly incomparable degree, and bear comparison with a Taiwanese speech feeling play, it is said that that the editors of a certain radio station all intend from in refine some essences.

Someone says that this wood’s beauty by all means is an anti- Cape.

Someone says being a pitiful victim.On the network, someone did a survey, throwing beauty wood necessarily will become the vote of black stomach avenger a night of and rises to more than 4,000 ticket, be up to%.

Let the police comrade feels to make to smile of BE, misery is talked in.Beauty wood indeed as expected sent person horse come to the sorcery Xian Xian disadvantage.

Even if is to be subjected to feeling to harm, can not get worse ground to injury secretly Men Prada Trainers Sale other people, either.If before talking about to put, also had regard for clean Yan of Yan in police station of three cents face, consideration for a while, again begin.

Now, beauty wood and Yan the clean Yan broke off, police nature also have no what can have scruples about of, go direct to the Yan house took beauty wood to a bureau inside.

They two personal breakages put on brakes of, it is to have criminal offence implementation, but have never resulted in to can calculate up important injury, can from lightly dispose of.

But beauty wood dissimilarity, buy a murder person, kill people to kill these two religions, if the criminal charges establishes, beauty wood at least squats down the jail in decade.

In the police station, the sorcery Xian Xian saw beauty wood.

The identity changes with each other, this time beauty wood is an accused, she pours to become a plaintiff.BE not made her feel deeply about by ground, the geomancy by turns turn, 10-year river east, the 10-year river is western, retribution head quarter come of.

Beauty wood stares her, the vision hatred is poisonous.
Cheap Prada The sorcery Xian Xian sneers at, directly white her one eye, angrily curse low:”See your one more eye, I will feel that that am a kind of indignity.Puzzling bedlamite.”

Mr. police is a bit embarrassed, quickly take beauty wood, insulated 2 people, the police asked her, affair be ruined to this brake, she has what viewpoint.

Wu Xian Xian knows that the police is to ask her, whether has the viewpoint to need to acquire the type of indemnification.The sorcery Xian Xian shook head, she didn’t want to pursue.From the police’s dictation, she knew that these two people were manily frightenned, thought to is that the means that beauty wood’s homicide kills is too malicious to cut off, would frighten them the soul don’t guard to give up ground.

Thinking to beauty wood already the idiocy ground substituted her to annoy, she doesn’t want to pursue.

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