Differentiate Percussion Rotary Drilling Rig from rotary drill

Drilling is a trial engineering to get some information about the geology and rock conditions. According to the types of rock breaking methods and drilling tools rolling mill, it can be divided into drilling technology and rotary drilling technology.

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The main function of drilling; 1. Obtain underground data. The rock core and debris from the bottom hole can help us get the information of oil, water, gas, etc. 2. As a geophysical well logging, it can access to various information of geophysical field mobile jaw crusher, rock such as for underground weapons test, etc. 3. It is an artificial channel to observe the mineral in the strata, hydrological and geological structure. 4. Comprehensive application: develop the underground resources. According to the usage, drilling can be divided into general geological reconnaissance drilling and geological exploration, water well drilling, engineering geological drilling, geothermal well drilling, oil drilling, etc Percussion drilling rig is also called impact drill, whose work is carried out by a wire rope to send its drill head to the bottom hole and driven by power beam. As the beam do up and down, the force drives the wire rope and drill head to broken rock. This kind of drilling equipment is simple, low cost and pollution free. But its shortage is low penetration rate water well drilling rig price, drilling shallow and unable to adapt to complex formation. And for its fatal shortages, now it has been replaced by rotary drilling.

Rotary drill adopts head rotary’s force to broken rock rotary cement packing machine, which is also the most widely used drilling technology. Its main advantage is fast drilling speed. What’s more, for rotary drill, borehole collapse and blowout are not problems.

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