Cement ball mill- some categories you need know them

According to the customer demand production of cement ball mill, it is divided into two kinds: the ordinary cement ball mill and high fine &high yield cement ball mill.

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(1) Ordinary cement ball mill, cement ball mill is mostly used in the grinding ring flow system, it has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency, grinding machine, large output diesel crusher, low power consumption, especially when grinding slag cement, the performance is more prominent. Generally the grinding machine production can improve 15-20%, and power consumption can be reduced by about 10%, in addition, the product temperature can decrease 20 to 40 ℃, and product fineness is also easy to adjust.

(2) High fine & high yield cement ball mill is mainly used for open-circuit grinding system. Characterized by a system equipment and technological process is simple, the investment is low grinder machine, plant covers less area. Within the structure of ball mill adopts advanced powder special warehouse equipment insulation, increases the activation device, and fine grinding storehouse grinding end has special discharge grate plate, and minimizes the grinding storehouse grinding media size. It also greatly improves the grinding efficiency, and achieves the goal of high output and low energy consumption.

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